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2017 marks a very important stage in the journey of the Kaya Labs. Since 2011 when Kaya Labs was started the intention has always been to introduce members to industries that are using technology.  In 2017, we are kickstarting a project with Independent Media that is aimed at introducing graduates in the technology sector to the media industry. As a result of this project, Kaya Labs will setup a digital media lab wich will be known as Independent Lab at the Newspaper House the home of Independent Media.

Newspaper House
122 Newspaper House the home of Independent Media in Cape Town

This is a very important step as it signals the success of a model that initially focused , in 2011, on developing technology graduates by working in the education sector. Since then Kaya Labs has also worked in the transport sector developing together with GoMetro the first integrated transport map in Cape Town.

Kaya Labs in the media sector will continue to focus on developing and nurturing technology graduates, in this case, by introducing them to the media sector.

The project will focus on enabling the candidates to get a very good understanding of the media with an intention of assisting them to use their understanding of technology in the media industry.

The success of this project will be instrumental in the transformation currently underway within Independent Media. It will allow Independent to get the necessary human resources who can assist the company to withstand the technology challenges faced by the media sector.

The project will also assist the candidates to apply their technology skills in the media industry which will go a long way in skills development of technology graduates.


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